Bioresonance Services

We offer Bioresonance consultations based on The Electro Acupuncture method by Voll discovered and developed in Germany by Dr. Reinhold Voll (1909–1988), at our in-person clinic, both as an additional modality that takes place in a regular patient consultation, and as a separate modality, especially as there are no practitioners in this field in Marbella with such a scientific and Natural Medicine approach.

Dr. Voll, together with his friend Fritz Werner, an electronics engineer, did intensive medical and technical research into the functioning of the Chinese acupuncture points. In 1953 they found that the physical properties of the human skin in the Chinese acupuncture points were different from any other points on the body. Using a sensitive device called an ohmmeter they found that the skin resistance at any of the Chinese points is twenty times less than at other points on the skin. On the basis of the well-known Ohm’s Law


  • An initial consultation will last up to 90 minutes to allow us to take your case history.
  • Follow up treatments sessions are 60 minutes and may take place during your regular consultation if you are a clinic patient. We also offer Bioresonance-only appointments.
  • For the session to work effectively is imperative that you are well hydrated before treatment (2L of water in the day before treatment).

You will require a course of treatments for most health concerns, including chronic pain, sympathetic nervous system overactivation, anti-ageing protocols, scarring and adhesions, and more. Courses of treatments generally take place once a week for 4-6 weeks. Consistency and regularity is important and you should start to feel changes by the 3rd or 4th week.

The frequency combination programmes run will be chosen to suit your condition in the initial session. This may change or stay the same in future sessions.

The cost of your programme will depend on the frequency required for the programmes we run, and the duration of the treatments.

We would love to evaluate your case

Tell us your specific condition so we can make an evaluation and explain the best options in your case. We are relocating the clinic to another center. Please contact us for booking in an appointment

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