Health Programmes

Personal consultations can be booked to identify your potential nutritional, gastro-intestinal and hormonal imbalances and how these may be contributing to your particular symptoms of ill-health.

A detailed case history will be taken, and laboratory tests will be recommended, where appropriate. A personalised, and achievable, nutrition programme will then be prescribed to meet your individual needs.

This may include dietary supplements, herbal medicine/botanicals, antimicrobials or genetic testing where appropriate.

Paloma uses a Nutritional Health Framework that recognizes that an individual’s state of health is the result of the interaction between his/her genetic inheritance and the factors (such as diet) in his/her environment.

Before your first appointment you will be required to complete a full health / functional medicine questionnaire and you may be asked to seek medical advice to investigate any potential underlying disease if applicable.

Please note that the costs of laboratory tests and supplements are not included.

Common laboratory tests include a comprehensive stool analysis, a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth breath test, an organic acid comprehensive urine test, a blood chemistry analysis or a comprehensive thyroid panel.